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Just to be a dick about it and so no one can say I didn’t warn them. 

10 months ago on 24 November 2013 @ 10:20pm

So I miss this.

It’s silly, but I miss blogging. A lot, actually. Part of this is probably because I’m bedridden with mono and have been for over a week now, but I missed it before I got sick, ever since I put this thing on hiatus. I still go through and look at my dash when I’m home and bored (meaning all the time lately), and I still like things I want to be able to find again later. And I still check in with about ten or so blogs of people I really made connections with on here, or blogs I’ve just really liked. I’ve had Tumblr for like five years or something now, and my needs for it and thoughts about it have changed a lot over that time period. But at the very least, it’s still a passtime, still something to look at when I’m bored. And at the most, it’s a little corner of the internet where I can interact with certain people in the way I want to. That’s what I miss, really.

So I’ve remade. I’m still keeping this thing out here because I don’t want to delete it and Tumblr is too limited to let me lock it. So I made a new blog with a throwaway URL, If you have any interest, you can follow me there—I’m still going to post the types of things I used to post, just not so may details about my life, and certainly not the people in it. There probably won’t be many text posts, maybe ever. I also might change the URL a few times.

It’s blank right now, and I’m going through and following most of the blogs I follow here on that new account, so that’s just me. I’m going to make it so that if it’s ever found again, there’s nothing to be embarrassed by except maybe fangirlishness. I’m done with learning lessons about my own privacy twelve years after I should have, so I’m going to be careful. But I need a little corner of the internet again for things I find cool and funny and interesting and pretty. So here we go again. 

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It’s Been a Week.

So I changed my URL, which is not something I ever planned to do, really. But in a few short days, I feel like my whole perspective on the internet and what I put on it has changed.

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Iceland by Tom Kondrat

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  • I saw Vampire Weekend last night and GOD they’re the cutest
  • Especially Chris Baio and his dancing, good lord
  • I also got an iPhone 5s yesterday—I didn’t expect to get one til January but things worked out and I splurged
  • It was fun to be a customer on launch day, I wasn’t working because of the VW concert but I walked in and bought my phone and all my friends are there being hilarious and jerks and it was really fun
  • It was also fun to see a launch through other eyes, because launches are like weddings and I’m the wedding planner—it’s a big part of my job to prepare for them and set them up for the 10 days between announcement and the big day, and it was the nicest to not be working on the actual day but to still see it
  • I may have a strong bias, but this is an exceptionally fantastic phone. That fingerprint sensor is flawless.
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I once saw this as someone’s iPhone lockscreen wallpaper at a show and…I was super jealous. I was also being thrashed around by bodies when I caught sight of it and just started cracking up while my ribs were being crushed. 

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"Starting him early"

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Stars Bursting In The Night Sky

Australian photographer Lincoln Harris collection ‘Star trails’, surreal swirls in the sky, created from a multitude of long-exposure shots and the effect of the Earth’s rotation. 

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Cathedral Art Installation Made from 55,000 LED Lights in Belgium

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Les Beehive – Justin Timberlake by Hedi Slimane

I wasn’t really into boybands in the 90s and JT’s music still isn’t really my thing unless I’m being a bit ironic, but I do love him as a comedic actor. 

But HOT DAMN these are nice…men in sweaters and white tshirts/leather jackets are all I need. 

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I can pretty much relate everything to SpongeBob, though. Even pictures of myself.

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